Best travel shoes worldwide #essentials

Nowadays  everybody tend to try to be the first one to catch the most exclusive pair of sneakers available.

Paying quite high ammounts of money for  the newest Nike Vapormax versions, latest Balenciagas or the Virgil Abloh Off-White releases. Just to quote a few ones.

The funny part of the history is the chase of the exclusive tag.

Not everybody has 200USD and above to spend on sneakers monthly, so, why is everybody putting pressure on it?

Because of the hypebeast trend, people tend to focus too much on the high-end sneakers nowadays.

The main part of every single wardrobe pillar has always been one; the basics.

Basic clothes and shoes are quite important for different reasons; they can be easily combined, it is a good way to start a collection and normally, basic clothes and shoes are affordable.

When it’s time to travel, I always pack a pair of Converse shoes for the roundtrip.

The shoe by itself is a classic; easy to combine, easy to recognize but not too flashy.

Basically, those are the main qualities to pick a pair of shoes when you are going to travel.

It is important to understand where are you going; if you are travelling to a place were the minimum wage is around 300$/month and you are wearing shoes that cost 200$, there is a small chance that you can have a bad experience because of it.

Besides buying your airplane ticket, you also need to know what are you wearing and where you at.

From Thailand to Brazil, the canvas shoe has been sprayed worldwide, making it possible to see a pair of them almost daily in every corner of the world.

That is one of the main reasons why I really recommend those shoes for a trip; they are an international pair of shoes and have an clean look when they are brand new or well maintained.

Converse has always been one of the few brands that are affordable, have a huge amount of colorways and even has a huge story behind (sponsoring Wilt Chamberlain, to Kurt Cobain and Kid Cudi to name a few).

The main reasons why i really consider that Converse shoes are still so sucessful and popular worldwide are the following ones:


– Price


When we are talking about sneakers and shoes, sky is the limit, but when you are starting and want to wear something different than the regular low level brands, the two main starting brands are normally Converse or Reebok.


There is nothing wrong to wear a pair of counterfeit or imitation shoes (I did it, and probably, you too).

But when you start to look for something more than just have shoes on your feet, Converse pop as a serious option.


Prices may vary between 60USD for a classic pair of EV-OX, to almost 100 for a pair of leather ones, so, as you can see, there is a wide range of prices to fit into every budget.


– Design


If you are starting to catch a certain interest about sneaker shoes, you want to have something that can be easily combined with jeans, chinos or even sweatpants.

It is also important to have comfortable and clean shoes (yes, you should clean your Converse instead of keep trying to look like a grunge-wannabe).


Do not let you fool, comfort is one of the most important aspects to look for when you are buying almost any type of product.


This is the main difference between the Chuck Taylor’s and the EV-OX (both low tops); the shoe toe.


In my personal experience, I preffer EV-OX instead of Chuck Taylors because of the shoe toe.

I had huge blisters due to the Chuck’s when I was wearing them without high socks, plus I felt than the Chuck’s were more close-fitting in the quarter.


On the other hand, EV-OX has a bit of foam and leather, which made it easily to wear with short socks, plus, the quarter is way more comfortable and more wide, which result in a shoe easier to use for short and long distances.


Talking about design, the star and the line on the side of the EV-OX are way more outstanding than the basic canvas of the Chuck Taylor’s.



– Simplicity


Althrough a lot of people love to think that they need a lot of colors, random patterns and flashy materials, sometimes less is more.

All black combinations are usually a win-win when we are talking about simplicity.


Finally, in order to recommend a few options, please check the following ones:


Green+White EV-OX


Please, have more colours in your shoebox rather than the classic white/black/brown ones.

Fresh and vivid colours are a great idea and not as hard to match as people believe.

Just keep it simple; colourfull shoes, classic jeans or chinos and a solid color t-shirt will make the outfit.


Vivid colours are the trend during the summertime; it just match to walk to the beach with a pair of cool sneakers.

But I really believe than they really outstand during the winter season.

Main colours during the winter tend to be grey, black and brown.

For that reason, it is just necessary to break that monochrome rule.

To me, it is just so annoying to look everybody during winter season wearing the same jackets, pants and shoes.

Winter it is the best time of the year to play with colours, patterns, shapes and styles.


All Black EV-OX – Chuck Taylor’s


A pair of all black leather shoes are a needful ítem that everybody should have in their own wardrobe.

Despite the fact that I embrace people to use colourfull sneakers.

Converse black leather sport shoes are a good option to be used with blazers, pea coats, or racer jackets.

It gives you a more dress-looking style without the need to use Derby or Oxford shoes.

Converse shoes will be always a classic and a good choice as a basic item in every wardrobe.

But please, take care of them and always wear them clean!

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